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Cayuse Federal Services


SBA Tribal 8(a)


Cayuse Federal Services, LLC (CFS) is committed to excellence by providing innovative and flexible solutions to federal government clients, emphasizing cost-effective excellence. CFS’ capabilities, market relevant service offerings, past performance credentials and diverse status allow government clients to engage quickly and confidently with CFS.
CFS Core Service Areas Include:

Environmental Services

  • Investigation and Remediation (CERCLA, RCRA, State Programs)

Operations Support Services

  • Bases, Ranges, Airfields, Logistics/Warehouse Management

Munitions Response/Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

  • Investigation and Remediation

  • Surface & Underwater Clearance

  • Munitions Demolition/Disposal

  • Construction Support and Anomaly Avoidance

  • Community Relations and Outreach


Cayuse Certifications

SBA Tribal 8(a) | Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone)  |  Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)  |  Buy Indian Act  |  Indian Incentive Program

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Quality Policy

The company will focus on the success of our clients by delivering on time, on budget, value-added services, solutions and products that meet or exceed our clients’ and business partners’ needs and expectations. We are committed to continual improvement by using our quality management system to measure and improve our performance

Past Performance

Comprehensive Information Technology Services

Cayuse provides program and project management and a wide range of information technology services. Application design, development, system integration, and advisory support services support cybersecurity and international investigations, threat analysis, and counterterrorism. We provide Software Development Life Cycle (SLDC) support, hardware distribution systems, telecommunications/networking systems, IT facility planning, execution of IT infrastructure projects, facilities management, networking, IT engineering services as well as Tier III IT Support across the country.

Operational Support and Watch

Cayuse watch analysts deliver operational support with timely, relevant, and accurate all-hazards information to the client, industry owners and operators, and other security partners to ensure they have a dynamic and comprehensive understanding of the impact of significant incidents and natural disasters. Our personnel provide 24x7x365 situational awareness and crisis monitoring, shared threat information to reduce risk, prevent damage, and enable rapid recovery of industry assets from incidents caused by natural disasters, attacks and other emergencies.

Global Staffing and Administrative Services

Cayuse recruits and retains an extremely high caliber of personnel in domestic and challenging international locations. We leverage our unique knowledge of Department operations to fulfill numerous staffing task orders involving recruiting assets, deploying employees in compliance with strict regulations, in-country licensing, and managing personnel and industrial security. Our hands-on Program Management approach helps mitigate many potential problems in filling short turnaround staffing requirements, and we have received high praise, including earning recognition of being “the Department’s great new staffing contractor.”

Operational Environmental Services – Active Range

Operations at the nation’s busiest primary training range are managed skillfully and cost-effectively by the Cayuse team, who provides highly varied and consistently exceptional services in maintenance, construction, scheduling, UXO removal and other duties. Since 2016, Cayuse has staffed the 14,000+ acre site to support training missions in order to hone skills in a real-world target replications.

Briefing Support

Senior leadership at Agencies rely on Cayuse for 24x7x365 situational awareness and crisis monitoring of industry assets and shared threat information. Our watch personnel monitor, collect, and evaluate information that may impact these industry assets. We provide strategic-level and situational awareness briefings and advice for executive leaders.

Lean Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) Support

Cayuse enhances and enables the Agency’s technology workforce through improving skill sets of their software development and support workforce through the implementation of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Agile training and coaching. Cayuse focuses on six primary areas:  Training Assessment, Training Development and Delivery, Continuous Improvement, Formal Coaching, Ad Hoc Coaching, Strategic Planning, and Program Management.

Occupational Specialty Courses

Cayuse understands the importance of scripted, predictable, reproducible trainings that simulate real-world experiences. We helped train troops for combat readiness by providing occupational specialty courses. Cayuse instructors teach 100+ classes per year (about 12,000 hours) in 13 business areas, with excellent student passing rates.

Joint Operations Centers

We understand the challenges of executing an efficient contract start-up, based on client needs, to ensure continuity and a smooth phase-in of mission support. Cayuse mobilized a Joint Operations Center within 25 days with 100% recruiting effort to provide uninterrupted 24x7x365 watch and briefing operations for critical response actions advice to top leadership. Operational support extended to political, economic, civil, and military operations and included support of COVID-19 Department strategic objectives.

Planning and Real-World Simulations

Cayuse enables Agency security forces to train and simultaneously assess mission readiness through the planning and execution of specialized exercises. Various training scenarios replicate real-world events and are designed to enhance the readiness of forces to respond to threats to installations and units. The exercise series are carried out at various locations worldwide and focus on command, control and communications for missions requiring a coordinated response in all atmospheres.

Training Analyst Support

Cayuse leads the training and processes to develop soldiers’ readiness for their missions, playing a critical role the lifecycle management. Cayuse performs technical and program analyst services to support training systems and processes. Cayuse staff have provided reliable and irreplaceable continuity and support since 2017, and our historical knowledge coupled with forward thinking has been invaluable through program changes and challenges.

Occupational Health Services

Cayuse provides a Facility with a comprehensive occupational health program including necessary personnel, supervision, and supplies. A Medical Director, Audiologist, and four RNs are available 24 hours a day M-F and on an as-needed basis on weekends. Services include treatment physical and psychological needs; health education and medical surveillance; preventative care; and documentation and maintenance of employee wellness data using client-supplied software.

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